Healthcare IS the Economy

iv_moneyWe Can’t Fix the Economy Unless We Fix Healthcare

A Kaiser Poll (hyperlink: released October 27th reports:

As the presidential election continues to dominate the attention of most Americans, the candidates themselves, the economy and jobs, and foreign policy rank as top factors in voters’ decisions, with health care following far below (Italics mine).

The most common concern in this study is stated to be “non-healthcare,” the economy and jobs. I would argue that our flat economy and lack of job growth are DIRECTLY related to healthcare. With healthcare absorbing almost 20% of the US GDP, pretty much everything has to do with healthcare spending. Consequently, addressing it will mean addressing healthcare spending. Many studies have shown that the cost of healthcare impacts profits and is money not put back into the company to generate jobs and to improve wages. Instability in the healthcare and health insurance space provide a cause for pause when employers think about expanding the business and or workforce.

Identifying concerns is one thing. What about ACTION? What can we do to “do out part?” There’s plenty. Be healthy goes with out saying. Understanding and taking charge of our personal health and healthcare is also imperative and it’s not easy. The healthcare system is complex, fragmented and chaotic. Another thing you can do is let me help by sending in your experiences and questions. Each of us can learn to be good stewards of healthcare resources. Being educated and empowered allows one to get the most appropriate healthcare, which contributes to better health and less spending. We all need to have a rudimentary understanding of the factors driving healthcare spending and to be a part of developing a culture of health.