ann_aboutlargeI am a creative thinker with a sense of humor. I am a connector. I connect clinical with business, problems with solutions, people with people, and, seeing with vision. I am passionate. I believe, together, we can impact health, healthcare costs and the greater US and global economy. I am a hands-on leader with emotional, global, book, and street intelligence. I am authentic, open, and embrace teamwork and collaboration. I am curious and a lifelong learner. I have been taught by nurses, physicians, housekeepers, patients, cabbies, and others. I have taught from Big Fork to Beijing, from the University of Minnesota to Belize; across cultures, languages, ages, professions, and educational levels. I am an active member of the local and global community. I want to fully utilize my skills to make a positive impact, for you, and your company.

Public Speaking

Engaging and inspiring presenter who “tells it like it is” while providing realistic solutions for healthcare issues.

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Consumer Educator

For individuals or groups. Find out what you need to know to get the right healthcare at the right time, for the right price.

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Medical Director

Provide your employees with a real health benefit, develop a “Culture of Health” at your workplace, and decrease spending.

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Put a truly innovative, reality based, creative thinker with broad and deep healthcare experience on your project.

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