Public Speaking

My mission is to inform and activate a “tipping point” of the population. I am passionate about helping people understand healthcare, the issues we as a population are facing, and together fixing the healthcare system. I will provide you with the knowledge and tools to get exceptional healthcare for you and your family, and to take a role in creating a sustainable, quality healthcare system for our country.

A tipping point of the population will need to be actively involved if we are going to be able to create a high-quality, sustainable healthcare system. We cannot leave this to the payors, the politicians or the profiteers.

We need to crowdsource a real healthcare fix, and the crowd needs the real information. Not sensationalized. Not politicized. Not sound bites. Not biased.

I am here with “just the facts, ma’am!” I tell it like it is. I know that people want honesty, but don’t know where to turn for accurate information. With the truth we can take the right actions. We all need to understand and take the appropriate actions to fix our broken system.

Being just a normal person (a patient compliment!) with a dream to serve people as a physician, I have a down to earth, practical, realistic approach towards health and healthcare that I share in an engaging, authentic and understandable way.

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